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AI or Humans - Finding the Customer Experience Sweet Spot


Presented By: [24]7.ai

Live Date: September 12, 2017. PLEASE SIGN IN FOR RECORDING.

Presented by Graham Knowles - Enterprise Solutions Architect, [24]7

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About the Webcast

Can your humans process 1000 data points simultaneously to provide the ideal customer experience? 

Data is the oil of the 21st century and analytics is the refinery making that data usable by every part of your business. With AI, Chatbots, and Machine Learning dominating the news and many organizations making missteps as they operationalize in customer service, it is crucial to understand where these new technologies provide value and where they do not. 

This webinar will explain how AI uses data to create value-added customer experiences, including chatbot virtual assistants, and how machine learning continuously improves the solution. 

About the Presenters

Graham Knowles, Enterprise Solutions Architect, [24]7

Graham has spent a career designing digital customer experiences. After a decade at top technology companies like Salesforce and Oracle, Graham has established himself as a thought leader on how to deliver the promise of effortless customer experience to create customer service-led brand promoters.