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The CX Maturity Model


Presented By: VHT

Live Date: September 25, 2018. PLEASE SIGN IN FOR THE RECORDING.

Presented by: Brian Brotherton, Director, Product Management, VHT and

Jason Wilson, Director, Software Development, VHT

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About the Webcast

During part one, we will walk through a CX Maturity Model focused on the voice and digital elements.  This will give organizations an understanding of where they currently are, where they should be going, and the next steps to take in order to fully integrate into the digital era.  

We will discuss: 

  • Why voice is the foundational channel for customer engagement.
  • How to better optimize your voice channel to prepare your organization for the next step in the digital era.
  • How to keep customer experience consistent and enable customers to use any channel they want via various types of technology.
  • A sneak peek into the next phases of CX Maturity Model 

About the Presenters

Brian Brotherton, Director, Product Management, VHT

Brian has 16 years of experience in the contact center space and has been called one of the 150 product managers to follow on Twitter. His passionate belief is that technology should eliminate pain and inconvenience, not add to it. As Director of Product Management, Brian’s overarching drive is to assist in making products and services a pleasure to use, particularly in the field of customer experience.

Jason Wilson, Director, Software Development, VHT

Jason is responsible for leading the direction and vision of VHT's core software development team. In addition, he directs development teams in the successful design, development, implementation and maintenance of VHT applications with the key objective to deliver a game changing customer experience across all customer touch points with VHT. Jason has more than 18 years of experience in computer systems engineering, software development, infrastructure design and specializes in computer telephony integration.