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Learn How to be Great - Helping Agents, Supervisors, and Execs Perform


Presented By: Sharpen

April 21, 1:00pm Eastern

Presented by: Ric Kosiba, Chief Data Scientist, and

Adam Settle, Vice President of Product, Sharpen Technologies


About the Webcast

Google “benefits to a happy call center agent”. Over 147,000 results pop up.

When reading these articles, they seem to be of a few flavors:  

  1. why it is important to have satisfied agents,
  2. fun things you can do to keep agents happy, and
  3. why you should buy particular software or services to promote agent happiness.   

We are taking a novel approach.  During this hour, we will look more practically at the math associated with agent satisfaction. We will discuss analytic tools for tracking agent performance, executive dashboards for understanding operational performance, and ways to use this information to create meaningful training and coaching. We believe that a happy agent is one who knows they’re successful. Join us to learn how we can make them so.


About the Presenters

Ric Kosiba, Chief Data Scientist, Sharpen Technologies

Ric is responsible for developing data-driven initiatives to optimize agent performance and enhance the customer experience. Prior to joining Sharpen in 2019, Ric co-founded Bay Bridge Decisions Technologies in 2000, where he developed the contact center industry’s first “what if” decision engine, a complex set of algorithms designed to forecast proper staffing levels. After being acquired in 2012 by Interactive Intelligence, now Genesys, Ric continued overseeing all aspects of the product from development to sales and marketing to professional services. Ric received a Ph.D. in operations research from Purdue University in 1991, where he also earned a BSCE (1984) and MSCE (1986).

Adam Settle, Vice President of Product, Sharpen Technologies

Adam is an experienced education professional skilled in Sales, Coaching, Team Building, and Training. He is a strong facilitator, combining his study of education with experience from his time as a trainer at Apple and Angie’s List. At Sharpen, Adam and his team create the connection between advanced technology and the understanding required for clients to take advantage of its potential.