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No More Stilted Robotic Conversations: 5 Steps to Smooth Dialogue


Presented By: West


Presented by: Patrick Lindner, Voice User Interface Professional, West

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About the Webcast

If you’re like most, you have had a ‘conversation’ with a robotic IVR  that feels disjointed….maybe even awkward.  This is particularly true with the rise of chatbots and other A.I. technologies.

The question is: How do you make customers feel comfortable and at ease when dealing with an automated system? 

Personas are an easy way to overcome that obstacle, allowing your customers to stop thinking of the interface and really engage. During this webcast we will look at 5 actionable steps to start utilizing personas as part of your overall customer experience strategy. We will look at: 

  • what personas are and why they matter
  • a process for developing personas
  • a case study detailing how to implement personas, including examples of real dialogues




    About the Presenters

    Patrick Lindner, Voice User Interface Professional, West

    Patrick Lindner is a Voice User Interface design and user experience professional at West. He  provides user experience direction and strategic leadership for West’s Professional Services group. Since 2006, he’s designed hundreds of multi-modal interfaces, including speech enabled directed dialogue, natural language, SMS, Chatbots, and inbound/outbound multi-channel contact center solutions and performed user testing, focus groups, and call center assessments for small business and enterprise clients across business verticals in retail, health, insurance, utility, mobile, cable, financial, and more. In addition, he’s acted as a solutions architect, speech technologist, audio engineer, voice talent coach, project manager, team builder, call center lead, marketing consultant, and results analyst.He studied News Editorial Journalism, with an emphasis on Communications Studies, English, and Psychology at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Memberships include AVIxD, UXPA, and IxDA.