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The Future of Contact Center Calling

First Orion

Presented By: First Orion

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 1:00 pm

Presented by: Donnie Gates, SVP of Business Development, First Orion


About the Webcast

What if contact centers could make an impression before customers ever pick up the phone?

There are two reasons customers don't answer your calls:
• They don't know who's calling, or
• They don't trust who's on the other end.

Branded Calling is the solution to the unanswered call. When your business calls from an unknown number, your brand is entirely anonymous; Branded Calling helps you connect with your customers by displaying your business name, branding and logo, and reason for the call. Consumers get information about your call before answering, so they're more prepared for a conversation - and they don't miss out on important real-life events like deliveries, appointments, and customer service inquiries.

In this Tech Showcase, you'll learn:
• What Branded Calling is and how it works
• How branding outgoing calls with your business name & logo can improve answer rates and sales
• Why Branded Calls increase customer loyalty and trust




About the Presenters

Donnie Gates, SVP of Business Development, First Orion