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How to Unlock the Power of Back Office Operations


Presented By: Servion

Live Date: September 27, 2023.

Presented by: Eric Wildermuth, Head of Sales, Servion, and

Nicole Nevulis, Senior Director - Go-To-Market Strategy, Verint


About the Webcast

Did you know that errors and delays in your back-office are a Top 3 cause of customer dissatisfaction and drive 17% of contact center volumes?

If you are looking to improve CX and reduce costs, take a look at your back-office support functions. While modern contact centers have agents and managers who are empowered with real-time tools to monitor and improve performance, the back-office is still struggling with manual work, complex processes, and legacy systems limit access to data.

Modernizing your back-office operations can improve employee productivity and processing capacity, often by 15% to 30%. Providing real-time performance data can increase accuracy and speed, often improving turnaround times by over 30%.


About the Presenters

Nicole Nevulis, Senior Director, Global Go-To-Market Strategy, Verint

Nicole’s passion is driving organizational transformation with a people-centric approach, focusing on leveraging process and technology to maximize the power of people. She started her career in the contact center before moving into the operations world at major financial services brands, State Street and Federated Investors. 

As part of Verint’s intrapreneurial team, she was agile across many roles and able to leverage her depth and breadth of experience to develop approaches that allowed organizations to achieve their goals of managing costs without sacrificing employee and customer experience. Nicole believes that all the functional areas executing work for customers are valuable and contribute to customer experience. Her move into marketing has allowed her to evangelize and provide thought leadership, influencing operations to move beyond the contact center space. 

Eric Wildermuth, President - Sales, Servion

Eric is a passionate sales leader and contact center expert with over 25 years of experience, Eric helps companies improve and modernize their contact centers, automate interactions, make self-service options conversational, integrate customer journey components, and deliver measurable outcomes.

Eric is the Head of Sales and Marketing at Servion.  He has expertise in the areas of AI + Automation and how that technology can improve the customer experience.