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Using Analytics to Drive Improved Agent Performance and Better Call Outcomes


Presented By: CallFinder

Presented by Sabrina DeRose and Cliff LaCoursiere, CallFinder

Live Date: March 20, 2018. PLEASE SIGN IN FOR RECORDING.

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About the Webcast

It’s critical for any business that handles high-volume inbound call traffic to respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs. However, it’s infinitely more difficult without systems in place that are capable of tracking, analyzing and reporting more than a small sample of customer call data. Find out how organizations are moving beyond outdated manual analysis techniques to leverage the power of cloud-based speech analytics that provide the necessary information to respond with greater agility.

Join this webcast to view a live analytics demonstration that details:

  • How speech analytics and automated scorecards are used in contact centers to evaluate agent performance and improve customer experiences.
  • How these solutions can be used together to help your business automate data collection, analysis and reporting, reduce agent churn, implement unbiased scoring techniques, determine customer call reasons, and leverage customer analytics to manage the customer experience.  

 You’ll come away with new insights into the power of speech analytics and call scoring, and the positive impact that using affordable SaaS tools in your contact center will have on bottom line revenue. 


About the Presenters

Sabrina DeRose, CallFinder Analyst

Sabrina is a seasoned customer experience professional with a background in marketing, project management, technology consulting, and career development. She is dedicated to supporting and training businesses in the use of speech analytics technology to extract insights from the conversations they have with their customers to improve the agent-customer experience. Sabrina has been with CallFinder for six years.

Cliff LaCoursiere, VP CallFinder Growth

Cliff is a successful business leader and technology entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience creating, building and growing markets for both existing and new product categories. Cliff leads the sales team, and directs the development and execution of the company's product development and marketing strategy. Cliff has extensive knowledge in the speech analytics and SaaS industry, and co-founded CallMiner.  Prior to joining CallFinder, Cliff was principal consultant with Zling,  was the vice president of sales and marketing of SDG and worked as head of sales and account management for VirtualLogger; a pioneer in the delivery of SaaS-based contact center software.