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Interior Concepts Series: The Importance of Ergonomics in the Contact Center

Interior Concepts

Presented By: Interior Concepts

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Podcast 1:  Why Should Call Centers Care About Ergonomics? 


Listen to this podcast and learn how ergonomics impacts the bottom line of a call center. Discussion topics include some astounding ergonomic injury statistics, and how improvement in employee comfort affects productivity, turnover reduction, and the overall bottom line. We will also discuss the results from a case study that describes the impact of implementing ergonomic furniture and procedures that produced startling results.

Podcast 2: Ergonomic Tips for Injury Prevention  


Learn ergonomic workstation design tips to improve ergonomic functionality of workstations and reduce workplace related injuries. Specific design tips and training tactics will be discussed; as well details about Interior Concepts’ own ergonomic success story and how call centers can replicate to create their own success story.