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Highly efficient contact centers are one of the most important elements of a successful company. Oftentimes, it is the only contact your customers have with your employees about your company’s services and products.  With your agents playing such an important role in the acquisition and retention of customers, it is always beneficial to invest time and thought when its time to train agents.

Learn to train with effective procedures from experts in the industry.  Find out how starting at the top with solid management programs will give your staff the necessary skills to productively train agents in less time and at lower costs. Be provided with a list of the basic competencies of effective agents and emphasize these guidelines in your own agent programs. Improve the results of your inbound sales and service telephone campaigns with ten beneficial tips that can be applied to all types of services.

Read more about e-learning and see how implementing this growing trend can help contact centers can help agents learn and stay up-to-date at Internet speed while reducing the costs associated with traditional education programs. Read business cases for coaching agents and see how well planned and executed programs will lead to increased productivity, revenue and other beneficial results for your company in the future.


  • The Power of Real-Time Delivery -- Using Agent Idle Time to Improve Service
    - Presented by Intradiem
    Even the best-managed and busiest contact centers experience unexpected downtime without calls. Using this idle time productively will improve agent satisfaction and service quality while reducing agent-related costs. Delivering real-time, targeted training, coaching and communications during slow periods can alter your contact center’s dynamics – boosting productivity, quality and customer perception.  Read More...
  • Complimentary Guide - 5 Secrets to E-learning and Coaching Success
    - Presented by Ovum and VPI
    5 Secrets to Contact Center E-learning and Coaching Success In today's highly competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace, it's crucial to equip agents with the appropriate skills to respond to customers effectively and efficiently. E-learning and coaching tools are proven to help contact centers mitigate agent churn, reduce staffing shortages and improve performance. This brand new white paper provides proven best practices and groundbreaking techniques for deploying e-learning and coaching solutions in the contact center.  Read More...