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These programs monitor and analyze communications across contact centers chat, email, phone, and social media.

Customers use a variety of channels to communicate with—and about—your business, including phone, chat, email, text messages, review sites, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and more. While this can create new opportunities to detect and leverage consumer sentiment for enterprise business intelligence, it also poses a challenge: How can you efficiently analyze information from multiple channels and tie it together to surface trends, issues, and competitive advantages?

Verint® addresses this multichannel challenge by providing a unified perspective across the channels customers use to communicate about your organization. Verint software solutions allow you to analyze and combine customer data from direct (speech analytics, chat, email) and indirect sources (social media) to gain a 360-degree view of the customer experience—even down to the individual customer level. At the enterprise level, this multichannel solution can deliver insights for fixing broken processes, identifying issues and opportunities, gaining competitive advantage, driving down costs, and more.


Customer Interaction Analytics: A 360 Degree Approach for Analyzing the Voice of the Customer Across Multiple Communications Channels
Customers have more ways than ever before to communicate with your organization - from phone calls to chat, email, social media, and text messages. This dramatic expansion in communication channels has left many organizations with the need to rethink the processes, technology, and overarching strategy for their customer service operations. This paper introduces and explores solutions to help businesses stay ahead of the buzz while turning the “voice of the customer” into opportunities to enhance customer loyalty and revenue.

Decision Matrix: Selecting a Speech Analytics Vendor
Read this excerpt from analyst firm Ovum’s report, which provides a complete view of Verint’s speech analytics capabilities based on technology strength, reputation among customers, and impact on the market. Verint received Ovum’s highest overall score in both the technical assessment and the market impact sections, earning the firm’s “shortlist” recommendation.

Fundamentals of Contact Center Analytics
This paper addresses the underlying technology and value of contact center analytics, including speech analytics, data analytics, and customer feedback surveys. The paper provides insight into how these solutions can help centers mine customer interactions for actionable information on customer opinions, product and service issues, and competitive intelligence to deliver greater value to their parent organizations.

Gaining the Vote of the Customer: Using Analytics to Create and Deliver a Winning Customer Service Strategy
Today’s enterprises have an unprecedented number of opportunities to build their image and brand with consumers. This paper examines how customer interaction analytics solutions can help contact centers better position themselves to win the vote of the customer—not just once—but again and again.

The Power of Customer Interaction Analytics
Knowing what customers want and how well your business meets their expectations can be critical for cultivating customer loyalty. But this is no easy endeavor, especially as the number of ways customers choose to communicate with—and about—your business continues to grow. How can you stay ahead of the curve?

Turning Data into Decisions with Speech Analytics
Your customer interaction recordings are a rich source of information about what customers want and need—and how well your company delivers it to them. Unfortunately, many organizations rely on this data solely to understand what is happening in their contact centers and customer service departments, rather than why. Truly understanding why problems are occurring is fundamental to knowing how to fix them—not to mention reaping the benefits of improved customer satisfaction, streamlined processes, and reduced costs.

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Before the Buzz—Using Multi-Channel Customer Interaction Analytics  

Verint- Voice of Customer