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NEW REPORT-The Astonishing Cost of a Poor Online Customer Experience


Presented By: IntelliResponse

Stop These Dollars From Flying Away...  

When your website does a poor job of resolving customer service issues, the escalation costs are truly astounding.

Our latest report shows you where these runaway costs originate, and how you can stop them...

In this Report:

•Escalation costs by channel, including phone, email and chat, based on data from Forrester Research
•6 Best Practices for turning your website into an effective customer service tool that deflects escalation volumes
•Examples from companies who lead the way in web self-service, and what their customer experience looks like
•All presented with easy-to-read visual data

PLUS! Find out how to get a complimentary assessment of your web site's self-service performance using a new assessment tool from Forrester and IntelliResponse. 


Click here to download the report