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Good to Great - Rapid Results with Real-time Performance Management

VPI and Saddletree

Presented By: VPI and Saddletree

Compliments of: Saddletree Research and VPI 


Today’s customers demand instant gratification. Fail to deliver and you’ll quickly lose their loyalty to your competitor. Customers assume that contact centers will understand and meet their needs. Little do they know, many contact centers struggle to extract customer insights from rigid technologies that can’t share data nor relate customer needs to corporate goals and everyday contact center activities. It takes time and resources to produce spreadsheets and reports that have already become stale and outdated by the time they’re delivered. You’d think there must be a better, faster way for employees to understand their customers, goals and performance outcomes – right?


Download your complimentary research white paper, authored by Chief Analyst Paul Stockford of Saddletree Research, to learn:


  • How real-time performance management enables split-second decisions from overall contact center performance down to a single customer contact
  • Today's most important contact center issues to measure and act upon in real-time.
  • Highest-value metrics to share in real time with front line agents.
  • Why real-time performance management software is among the elite industry solutions with highest ROI impact.