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WFM Third Generation Comes of Age


Presented By: Calabrio

Workforce management (WFM) has been at the foundation of efficient contact center and customer care operations for decades. Today, over 30 years since the first WFM solution found its way to the call center, WFM is experiencing a surge in industry interest and demand. With market penetration rates of over 50 percent and the benefits of precise workforce scheduling well-understood in the market, this renewed interest is not due to any previous lack of information about WFM. Rather, it is likely due to changing market and technology conditions that have once again pushed this stalwart of contact center solutions into the spotlight.

Unlike many contact center solutions that eventually reach end-of-life or are considered obsolete due to longevity, workforce management keeps improving with age. This white paper presents a history of WFM in the contact center and supports the position that the time has come to review and reconsider your current WFM strategy.


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