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Salesforce1 Service Cloud SOS to Change the Face of In-App Support

Without looking, try to guess how many apps you have on your smartphone or tablet. More likely than not, you have twice as many as you thought you did. “Most peoples’ estimates are off by a factor of two,” said Larry Robinson, VP of Product Management for Salesforce Service Cloud. “The Internet of Things makes people more connected than ever and they want to be connected on the mobile network. Customers are downloading more than 800 apps per second at a rate of more than two billion apps per month on the Apple App Store alone, Last year, it added up to over 100 billion apps.” One possible reason why people can’t remember how many apps they have is that their apps don’t let them connect. If you need help with an issue when you’re on an app, there’s often no way provided to get assistance without exiting the app.

Salesforce hopes to solve that ongoing conundrum with the launch of Salesforce1 Service Cloud SOS. This innovative solution will offer the capability to put an SOS button, similar to the Amazon Kindle ‘Mayday button, directly inside any mobile app. “We believe the future of service will be delivered through mobile apps. Last year, we doubled down on mobile and introduced a series of Service Cloud solutions including mobile communities, mobile chat and Knowledge-base,” said Robinson. “SOS is the next step, giving companies the ability to transform the way they connect with their customers by providing instant, anytime access to support within any mobile app.”

The solution will employ the power of Salesforce1 Platform APIs enabling organizations to deliver new capabilities in their embedded help buttons, including
• Agent video support for real-time customer assistance Customers will be able to summon a service agent through live audio and one-way video for real-time, personalized assistance within a mobile app.
• Personalized 1:1 assistance with on-screen guided support Customers will have the ability to instantly share their mobile screen, when an agent will see a mirror-image view and can draw on the screen to provide personalized step-by-step guidance.

The mobile app support provided by Salesforce1 Service Cloud SOS will be transparent. Each individual company using the solution will be able to create and promote their own branded button. They can place it wherever they like within their app -- there is no standard placement or proscribed shape or size to which the button must conform. “It will be their very own product,” said Robinson.

Salesforce1 Service SOS is specifically for use with native mobile apps with support for iOS and Android. Beta testing is slated to begin in June and general availability is expected sometime in the winter of 2014/15. “We want to give our clients time to learn how to use the SDKs and get everything right,” said Robinson.