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LiveOps Partners with Twilio CX to Offer Companies an Out-of-the-Box Google Chrome Contact Center

LiveOps Cloud

Presented By: LiveOps Cloud

The basics of the recent announcement by cloud telephony firm Twilio are impressive. Twilio bundles the company’s WebRTC-powered client, 7,500 voice minutes, a Plantronics headset and a Chromebook together to offer a complete ready-to-use communications solution to enterprises.

While Twilio offers a strong platform, it’s relying on additional partners to realize the bundle’s full market potential. Cloud contact center LiveOps has signed on as one of the first integrations, offering the package with its LiveOps Engage and LiveOps Voice Advantage for Salesforce products for call centers.

LiveOps will offer its users a subscription service that bundles a Chromebook or Chromebox with a wired headset and Twilio’s VoIP services. The whole system is built around Twilio CX and will allow a call center operation to almost completely bypass any legacy hardware. Instead, companies can just subscribe to the service, a box arrives at their door, and they can have a new employee up and running within minutes. “The LiveOps WebRTC Solution provides instant ignition, allowing companies to create a call center with agents who need no more than a browser or Wi-fi access,” said Ann Ruckstuhl, SVP and CMO at LiveOps. “It transforms a browser into a full-featured agent desktop with a phone. There’s no need for PBX, no IT involvement or even a desktop phone--calls are routed directly through and ring at the web browser. It’s like Skype, but there’s no need to download anything.”


“The Twilio CX for Chromebooks bundle is available to LiveOps customers at $90 per agent per month and it comes with an Acer C270 Chromebook or Asus Chromebox, a Plantronics Headset, 7500 minutes/month of egress Twilio telco minutes, White Glove Device Setup Service and the Chrome Management Console and Support Plan from Google. In additional to Voice, LiveOps allows its customers to mix and match five additional channels, including chat, email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter. “With Twilio CX for Chromebooks and LiveOps contact center applications, an agent can provide service on all six channels starting at $280 per month or $3,360 per year versus paying $12,000 per year per agent with typical on-premise license fees,” said Ruckstuhl. LiveOps’ 3-year TCO (total cost of ownership) offers an average saving of 50 percent versus the cost of an on-premise operation and with the bundle, users can save an additional 5-10 percent.”

The Twilio/Google/LiveOps solution offers advantages for companies which experience variations in demand. “Whether it’s a chain of pizza parlors or a national flower delivery operation, no changes are needed for call spikes,” said Ruckstuhl.