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Combining the Virtual and the Real for Customer Engagement Success

Creative Virtual

Presented By: Creative Virtual

Presented by Chris Ezekiel, Founder and CEO Creative Virtual

July 12, 2016. Sign in to listen to the recording.

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About the Webcast

Personalized, consistent and accurate engagement anytime, anywhere – customers expect it and are left disappointed when organizations fail to deliver it. With customer experience being a key factor in purchasing decisions, smart companies are turning to the combination of virtual and real support to successfully provide omnichannel engagement.

Listen to this recording to learn how you can take advantage of this innovative trend to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and build brand loyalty while also reducing support costs. With the right Customer Engagement Platform, you can:

• Quickly create better customer experiences without lengthy or expensive development projects with technology designed to be complementary to the systems and processes already in place.
• Deliver seamless personalized engagement across all contact channels, from phone to live chat to Facebook Messenger, through a central knowledgebase for both virtual and real agents.
• Empower live agents to provide real-time feedback on content to consistently improve the virtual agent just by doing their normal jobs through a feedback loop that’s defining industry best practice.

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About the Presenters

Chris Ezekiel, Founder and CEO, Creative Virtual

Chris has a technical, sales and marketing background. He has been working in the world of virtual assistants since 2000 and founded Creative Virtual in November 2003. Employing his technical and entrepreneurial skills, and through the development of the enterprise level V-Person technology, he has established Creative Virtual as one of the world’s leading providers of virtual assistants. Chris has a passion for creativity, innovation, technology and physics, and in his spare time enjoys snowboarding and watching his beloved West Ham (where his optimistic nature is sometimes stretched to the limit!).