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Using Data Driven Analytics to Unite Companies with their Customers


Presented By: Nexidia

Presented by Kim Cochran, Director, Consumer & Small Business Marketing and Sales Support, Verizon and Mike Hutchison, Vice President of Professional Services, Nexidia

 On Demand Date: April 2014

Companies have long relied on traditional data sources such as CRM, ACD or billing systems to give them information about their customers, agents and the transactions they generate. But forward thinking organizations, such as Verizon, have come to realize that having a better understanding of their customers’ experiences leads to a better relationship with their customers. They’re able to better predict their needs, and as a result create outreach programs and more proactively resolve customer issues. 

The surprising thing for most company execs to discover is that all of the information about their customers’ experience is sitting closely within reach. It’s just that this feedback is buried inside thousands of captured customer interactions and it isn’t easy to extract and organize this data. But it is crucial to do so because this data is the missing piece of the puzzle. 

In this webinar you learn:
• How to uncover the behavioral events occurring in your customer interactions and understand their impact on your customers’ experiences
• Understand the importance of organizing and quantifying behavioral events and associating demographic and transactional data in order to draw correlations, discover trends and uncover root cause
• Hear how Verizon’s analysis of customer interactions allows them to become more customer centric by:
     o Uncovering the types of events within their customer interactions that predict issues that are yet to be resolved
     o Using that information to proactively follow-up with customers and ensure problems are being addressed to the customers’ satisfaction

About the Speakers:

kim_cochranKim Cochran, Director, Consumer & Small Business Marketing and Sales Support for California Region, Verizon

Kim is the Director of Marketing and Sales Support for the California Region. She has responsibility for customer acquisition and relationship management for Verizon’s FiOS data, FiOS TV, high- speed Internet and home phone services. Her broad knowledge of the company has propelled her into a successful career within Verizon. With 20 years of experience in sales and marketing at Verizon, Cochran has held various leadership positions of increasing responsibility since joining the company.

Prior to her current assignment, Cochran was the Sales Director for the Southwest Areas Alternate Channel Organization. Under her leadership, alternate channels increased Verizon’s face to face presence in retail stores as well as door-to-door feet on the street. Cochran was also responsible for the West Coast Regions Business Sales and Marketing Organization.  

nexidia.hutchisenMike Hutchison, Vice President of Professional Services, Nexidia

A seasoned veteran with two decades of contact center management and analytics experience, Mike is Vice President of Business Operations and Sales Support at Nexidia. Mike helps Nexidia clients effectively utilize their customer interactions to drive business change. During his career, Mike has led multiple analytic engagements resulting in substantial cost savings to cross-industry companies. Mike works directly with today’s leading organizations, helping them realize the far-reaching benefits of interaction analytics. Prior to Nexidia, Mike directed a 1,000 plus person contact center operation and directed world-wide workforce optimization for Telvista. Mike began his outsource contact center career at Stream International. 

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