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Contact Center Forecasting and Planning Tips and Tricks

 Presented by Ric Kosiba, Vice President, Decisions, Interactive Intelligence 

On Demand Date: April 2014


There's an old description of what workforce management is: Ensure that the right numbers of agents are available, at the right time, to service your customers. There are also two separate processes that most companies use to ensure that they're appropriately staffed:  

1. Ensure that your operation is nimble and efficient in reacting to day-of changes to your environment (scheduling and intraday management).
2. Make sure you have the right number of agents trained and available to meet the seasonal and changing demand for your service (strategic planning).  

Traditional workforce management systems focus almost exclusively on optimizing process number one. However, if the process associated with forecasting week-over-week and capacity planning (process number two) is sub-optimal, then the daily workforce management system will be starting with the wrong number of agents to begin with. 

Many “day-of” operational problems can be laid at the feet of a strategic planning mistake. It is strategic planning that ensures you have the right number of people available to handle your customer contacts. If your strategic staff plan is wrong, your tactical performance will suffer, and your tactical plan will, by definition, be poor. 

In this session, we discuss tips and tricks for forecasting and staff planning, determining your requirements and, more importantly, your hiring plans over time. 

About the Presenter:  

 baybridge.kosiba.newRic Kosiba, Vice President, Bay Bridge, Interactive Intelligence   

Ric is vice president of Bay Bridge, Interactive Intelligence and founder of Bay Bridge Decision Technologies. He holds advanced degrees in operations research and engineering from Purdue University (Go Boilers!), and enjoys discussing contact center modeling and planning.   

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