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Forecasting Everything Important for Contact Centers - Volumes, Agent Shrinkage, AHT, and Now, Customer Experience

Presented by Ric Kosiba, Vice President, Bay Bridge, Interactive Intelligence

On Demand April 2013

We’ve all heard that forecasting is an art, and if it is, then why is there so much math involved?

There are professors, statisticians, and consultants who are willing to let us know the best methods for developing and evaluating our contact center forecasts (for a fee), but do you know what? They are all wrong. And that is where the art comes in.

To develop a solid contact center plan, it is important to forecast several different metrics well: volumes, of course, but also handle times, sick time, attrition, wage rates, and now, even customer experience metrics, like Net Promoter Score or agent quality scores.

Each of these forecasts likely require different mathematical methods and different evaluation criteria than the standard methods espoused by statisticians. In this session, we discuss methods and metrics for forecasting all of these important metrics, and also the benefits associated with adding customer experience as a new planning metric. 


About the Speaker:

Ric Kosiba, Vice President, Bay Bridge, Interactive Intelligence 




Ric is vice president of Bay Bridge, Interactive Intelligence and founder of Bay Bridge Decision Technologies. He holds advanced degrees in operations research and engineering from Purdue University (Go Boilers!), and enjoys discussing contact center modeling and planning. 




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