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Harnessing Big Data in the Contact Center

Presented by Patrick Hall, Chief Marketing Officer, and Ray Bohac, Chief Information Officer, CallCopy

On Demand Date: April 2013


Big data repositories across the enterprise can strengthen contact centers’ ability to achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction. Big data is particularly valuable when used to drive performance metrics that empower staff to focus on timely response to marketplace challenges and change.

This webinar explores how big data, including unstructured customer interactions and structured data, such as customer order and shipment information, enables greater success.

Listen to this webinar to learn how big data can be leveraged in the contact center to:

• Discover Competitive Advantage by Correlating Data from Across Key Sources – Including big data from customer interactions with structured customer data and industry customer service benchmarks provides management with a truer view of contact center performance. Big data input in key metrics improve staff ability to achieve desired outcomes.
• Embrace Performance Measures at All Levels – When staff at all levels of the organization use key metrics driven by big data, then they can evolve a customer-focused culture. Big data-driven KPIs enable staff to keep the enterprise aligned and moving toward key objectives.
• Drive Continuous Improvement – Big data-driven KPI dashboards enable continuous monitoring and refinement of contact center activity for delivering service excellence. 


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