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An Innovative Approach to Quantifying Customer Effort

BBN Technologies

Presented By: BBN Technologies

Presented By: Joe Alwan, Vice President and General Manager, Avoke Caller Experience Analytics, Raytheon BBN Technologies 

On Demand Date: October 2011 


Research has shown that the amount of effort it takes for your customers to interact with you is the best predictor of retention and re-purchase. It has a stronger correlation than customer satisfaction or likelihood-to-recommend scores. You can probably relate to this in your own life too. If your cell phone provider (or any other retailer) is difficult to work with, you’re more likely to check out the alternatives.

Optimizing customer effort attacks the root cause of churn and attrition. It’s a proactive strategy to maximize customer retention and re-purchase - which, after all, is what the enterprise needs to grow revenue. And if you track customer satisfaction or likelihood-to-recommend, reducing effort will improve those as well.

In this webcast, you’ll learn:  

1. An innovative method to measure customer effort (without surveys)
2. Seventeen effort measurements and how they make up an overall experience index
3. A case study of using the index to drive action and improvement
4. How data can provide industry benchmarks 


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