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Impacting Every Interaction with Social Media Analytics

 Presented By: NICE Systems

Presented By: Mike Levitz, Practice Lead, Insight Solutions, NICE Systems, Inc. 

On Demand Date: October 2012  


Your connected customers expect you to resolve their issues immediately. If they tried your website and failed, they are even more impatient. Your organization expects you to run an efficient contact center, optimizing costs without compromising customer experience.

Social media technology is more than just monitoring buzz and influencers; it’s also about integrating analytics with other channels to provide a holistic view of the customer insights about corporate brands and customer service. Social media analytics provides the information required to interpret each customer interaction and improve the customer experience.

How can you take social media insights beyond 'buzz watch' to support critical operational processes and improve on customer experience, in real time?

Listen as NICE expert Mike Levitz leads a thought provoking and invigorating discussion on the impact of social media on customer service and how contact centers can use social analytics to influence each customer interaction and improve the customer experience.


About the Speaker: 

nice.mikelevitzMike Levitz, Practice Lead, Insight Solutions, NICE Systems, Inc.  

Mike specializes in architecting unique strategies that drive contact center innovation and transformation in order to optimize each and every customer interaction across multiple contact channels. Mike creates synergies between technology, contact center operations, and corporate objectives.

Mike brings over twenty years of contact center optimization and web commerce experience and expertise. Mike has supported hundreds of organizations in their quest to improve quality, productivity and results in their sales and service contact centers. In addition, he has helped organizations in their efforts to optimize the overall customer experience from the web & mobile devices through to the contact center, while aiming to deliver consistent and seamless experiences along the way. During his career, Mike has lead relationships with industry leaders across multiple vertical markets including; Financial Services, Retail, Telecommunications, Public Utilities, Travel & Hospitality. 


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