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Maximizing the Use and Value of Speech Generated Data - First Findings to Root Cause Analysis


Presented By: Nexidia

Presenters: Ryan Pellet, Chief Strategy Officer; Vincent Cilano, CSS Manager, Speech Analytics, Time Warner Cable; and Linh La, Manager, Speech Analytics, Scotiabank

On Demand Date: June 2014


Interaction analytics has become a common phrase in our industry and most understand its basic definition.  But... grasping the steps associated with the process of transforming interactions into business intelligence isn’t always as clear. In order to maximize the insight you receive from interaction analytics, it’s important to understand the types of information you should generate and analyze from first findings to data driven modeling.   

Speech analytics is a refined journey.  Join us as we outline the differences between early discovery and root cause analysis.  We also discuss insight around important requirements of your solution provider during each phase.  

Listen to this webcast to learn:   

  • What you should expect to uncover during early discovery --  The importance of being able to interact with the data and the value of relationship mapping elements within interactions·   
  • Why having complete, open, flexible and accessible data is crucial early in the process
  • How to uncover business issues using interaction generated data, quantify metrics which surround them, then focus on the resolutions’ impact
  • From two companies who have successfully implemented both phases of interaction analytics: A communications company used early discovery to uncover processes and technologies needing adjustment and used the data to fix the processes, resulting in a strengthened customer experience and a financial services company, who continually evolves practices to optimize efforts asked of their customer by organizing and quantitatively drilling into interactions. 


Ryan Pellet, Chief Strategy Officer, Nexidia - Ryan has over 20 years of creating customer experience centric strategies for Fortune 100™ companies and is a recognized expert in business strategy development using behavioral and business analytics. Prior to joining Nexidia, Ryan Pellet was an officer at Convergys Corporation where he led the Center for Applied Customer Analytics and the Global Consulting Services Practices. He also served as a founding contributor to Accenture’s Global Customer Relationship Management Practice. He is a recognized author, industry thought leader and key note. 

Vincent Cilano, CSS Manager, Speech Analytics, Time Warner Cable - Vincent has been working for TWC on Speech Analytics since 2011 (the launch). Prior to that he was a Quality Manager and Training Manager for TWC for 11 years. Additionally, Vincent worked as the Director of Training and Development for NCO Group. 

Linh La, Manager, Speech Analytics, Scotiabank - Linh leads Scotiabank’s multichannel analytics efforts for the Canadian Contact Centre. Her team provides actionable customer insight to the bank’s leadership that drives changes and improvements in customer experience, operational efficiency and employee engagement. Linh launched the speech analytics program at Scotiabank and facilitated in the program’s expansion to Scotiabank’s global network. In a prior role, she also analyzed trends to better utilize customer service resources, and began her career at the bank as a Customer Service Officer. Linh has a Bachelor’s of International Business from Carleton University, and a Certificate in Project Management from the University of Toronto. She is conversant in Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin and Vietnamese in addition to English. 

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