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Hiring for Success - Tips to Improve Workforce Optimization

 Presented By: HireIQ

Presented By: Kevin Hegebarth, HireIQ
  On Demand - Available April 17th 


An effective workforce optimization strategy begins well before an agent takes his or her first call for you. It starts with the pre-screening and hiring process. Your recruiters need to look for the traits that make agents successful in your environment and do so quickly and efficiently.

In this webcast you will learn: 

1. How to increase the efficiencies of your recruiting team
2. Clues to identifying those applicants who possess the skills required for optimal effectiveness
3. Best practices to widen your pool of candidates

In this informational webinar we will discuss the types of tools that can help you hire better qualified agents and improve your center's operational performance. 


About the Speaker:

hireiq.kevinKevin Hegebarth, VP Marketing and Product Management

Kevin brings deep domain expertise and over 25 years of experience to HireIQ, having held senior marketing and product management leadership positions with leading contact center technology companies including Global Management Technologies, Witness Systems, Melita International and others. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in establishing market-leading brands, creating marketing and awareness campaigns that have resulted in significant new revenues and in opening new markets. He is a frequent contributor to industry publications and has spoken at numerous industry events on the topics of workforce acquisition and optimization, the role of social media in customer service and innovative human capital management strategies.


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